Discussion Point: Will the CMO Replace the CIO?

You’ve heard it at technology conferences, you’ve read it in research reports, maybe you’ve even shared it at the water cooler. CMOs drive technology decisions today. The CIO’s job is obsolete. Soon we won’t need CIOs. It’s not a new debate. By now, the topic is covered regularly in the media, including CMSWire. Take a look at headlines like « Goodbye CIO? Why the Role May Ultimately Disappear » and « Should the CIO Report to the CMO? »  Sometimes, it’s a plea f Topic: Digital Marketing.

Source: www.cmswire.com

Will the CMO replace the CIO ? Surely not… but CIOs will need not only to serve manufacturing or logistics.

Digital technologies for marketing effectiveness and topline growth is too complex not to be managed jointly with the best corporate resources CMOs & CIOS… security, cost, stability, speed… many concerns that needs to be faced in this area of opportunities !

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